Mock Almonds

These are merely croutons shaped to represent almonds.

Cheese Sticks And Rolls

Cut bread in long, narrow strips, spread with butter, then with a thick coating of grated cheese. Brown in moderate oven (350° F.). Or cut crust from sliced bread, spread thickly with paste of grated cheese and butter, roll, fasten with toothpick and brown as above.

Hot Crisped Crackers

Toast thin wafers or crackers for three minutes in a hot oven (400° - 42 5° F.). They are better if spread with a thin film of butter before being put into the oven. If Boston crackers are preferred, split them, arrange the halves, rough side up, on a plate, lay a bit of butter on each, and brown them in the oven.


Use the cookie cutters in any small design to cut sliced bread for toasting on a cookie sheet or large pan. Or use the cutters on biscuit dough and bake or fry in deep fat.


1 egg

1/2 teaspoon salt


Stir sufficient flour into a slightly beaten egg to make a very stiff dough. Add salt, knead, and roll as thin as possible. It should be of almost paperlike thinness. Cover with a towel and let remain untouched for half an hour. Then cut in small fancy shapes, and dry them. When needed, place in boiling water and cook rapidly for fifteen minutes. This dough may also be rolled into threads and used like macaroni in soup.

Noodle Balls - Roll the noodle paste as directed above, fold it double and with a tin cutter make circles about one-fourth inch in diameter. Toss these balls into hot fat, (360°-370° F.) using a wire frying-basket. In about a minute they will turn a delicate brown and puff into balls. Drain on soft paper and serve with soup. As these soften quickly, it is better not to put them in the tureen, but to pass them after the soup has been served.

Egg Balls

No. 1.

5 eggs

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon salt Flour

Simmer four of the eggs in the shell twenty minutes and mash the yolks to a smooth paste in a bowl; then add the salt and pepper and the other egg, well beaten. Shape the mass into tiny balls, roll them in flour and saute, tossing them about while frying to prevent their sticking to the pan. They may be made some time before needed. Use the hard-cooked egg-whites for a sandwich or a salad.

No. 2.

Mash the four cooked yolks to a paste, season, and mix with the uncooked egg-yolk. Form into small balls. Roll them in the uncooked egg-white, then in flour, and poach in hot water. These are attractive in consomme.

Egg Balls 43Egg Balls 44

Marrow And Liver Balls

2 tablespoons melted marrow

1 egg

1/2 cup soft bread-crumbs

Salt and pepper


1/8 teaspoon onion juice

Strain melted marrow through cheese-cloth, beat until creamy and then add beaten egg. Season with salt, pepper and paprika, add a little moist bread, and form into balls. Poach in boiling water. Use 1 cup chopped liver instead of marrow for liver balls.