Although it is easy to feed a family of two with home cooked fresh foods, as shown by the preceding suggestions, an acquaintance with the possibilities of canned and packaged goods is important to the manager of a very small household. This is particularly so in the case of one who does work outside her home, or who makes her home in a kitchenette apartment where space-saving is a major consideration.

Canned Vegetables eliminate the time-consuming operations of washing, scraping or paring, and simplify the problem of garbage disposal, which must always follow the preparation of fresh vegetables.

Fruits, Vegetables, Meats and Fish of many kinds come in cans of various sizes, so that it is possible to buy the size that best suits your requirements.

Ready-to-Mix piecrust, pancake, cake and pastry flours shorten the time and reduce the number of utensils needed for mixing pies, biscuits, pancakes, muffins and cakes.

Fruits and Nuts in Cans or Jars of suitable size are always ready for salads, desserts, appetizers and garnishes.

Condensed, Evaporated and Powdered Milk may be kept in small space and, if not kept too long before they are opened, do not require a refrigerator temperature, as fresh milk does.

Steamed Puddings, pie-fillings, ready-to-mix pudding ingredients, canned Welsh rarebit, chicken a la king, baked beans, spaghetti in savory sauces, soups of all varieties and countless other aids are at your service to help you serve varied and appetizing meals however limited your time or culinary space.