It will help you to entertain successfully in this manner, if you will keep in mind the following suggestions:

1. Prepare Ahead of Time everything that can be prepared. Have the table spread with all that is needed in the way of china, silver and glass. Arrange the sandwiches, relishes and other cold accessories attractively and conveniently.

2. Have on Hand Everything That is to be Used in the hot dish, and have it prepared as far as it is possible to prepare it. Meat or fish or vegetables should be nicely diced, cheese grated, oysters drained, and eggs broken into a bowl, unless they are to be cooked separately, as in poaching or frying. Lack of preparation often results in tiresome delays and unappetizing confusion, but with everything in readiness the one hot dish is easily put together before the guests become tired of watching the process.

3. Be Sure That Your Equipment is Sufficient to provide for the needs of your guests. If you are giving a waffle party, do not invite more guests than your waffle iron will easily serve, so that no one need wait hungrily while others are eating. The same thing holds true with table grills and chafing-dishes. There should be enough creamed chicken or Welsh rabbit to serve everyone generously at the same time.

4. If Your Cookers are Electric, be sure that your wires are heavy enough to bear the load without blowing out a fuse.

Unless you have special wiring and sturdy convenience outlets, it is safer not to attempt to use a grill or waffle iron plus a percolator on the same circuit. Plan to use first one and then the other, or you may melt a fuse when the meal is but half ready, leaving your guests hungry for that always indefinite period until it may be replaced.