2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon flour 1 boiled lobster or 1 can of lobster

1 pint milk 3 egg-yolks Salt Cayenne

Place the butter in the blazer and stir it as it foams. Rub the flour into the butter, add the salt and pepper, then onehalf of the milk, stirring all of the time and being careful that the flame is not too hot. Beat the yolks of the eggs until frothy, add the remainder of the milk and stir into the roux. When the mass is of the consistency of cream, add the lobster, cut up coarsely, and, when thoroughly heated, serve. If using the fresh fish, prepare as directed (see page 218). Just before adding the lobster, rub the coral and the fat together and stir in.

Other dishes that lend themselves to this form of entertaining, as well as to the family breakfast or supper, will be found throughout the book under the following classifications. The index will supply page numbers for the recipes.

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