The hot sandwich is now frequently used as a supper or luncheon dish with a salad. It is sometimes served as a breakfast dish and even a dessert may now be served in sandwich form, as, for instance, slices of ice-cream between slices of sponge cake.

There are several types of hot sandwiches. Some are made from plain bread and served with hot sauce; in others the framework of the sandwich is toast, sauted slices of bread, French-fried toast or fresh slices of bread baked with the sandwich-filling; and in still others hot baking-powder biscuit or crisp toasted crackers are used.

Then besides the regulation kind of sandwich - a filling between two slices of breadstuff - there is the open-faced kind, in which the top slice is left off and a garnish of cut parsley, pickle, olive or grated cheese is used instead of the covering slice.

And, lastly, there is a third and novel type of sandwich in which the outer structure is of meat. This is cut in thin slices, dipped in fritter batter and fried in fat, and a filling of vegetables is placed between the slices.