Hot sandwiches should be substantial and filling without losing the chief characteristic of all sandwiches - ease in handling. For this reason rolls and buns are often more satisfactory than sliced bread or toast.

Broiled Hamburger steaks on round rolls are always popular. The meat mixture may be varied by rolling a stuffed olive in each; by adding strips of bacon crosswise after the first turning, or by a slice of Bermuda onion on both sides. Chopped pickles, carrots, celery or radishes may be added to the meat before broiling.

1. Broiled pineapple with sliced hot chicken, hot turkey or hot duck, on whole wheat bread. 2. Broiled ham with a slice of pineapple, either fresh or canned, served on white toast. 3. Sliced roast lamb with grilled fresh pineapple on toasted English muffins. 4. Sliced hard-cooked egg with hot anchovy sauce on Boston brown bread. 5. Hot roast veal with anchovy sauce and grilled tomato on rye roll. 6. Grilled tomato with Cheddar cheese on rye toast. 7. Hot smoked tongue with fried apples on toasted English muffins. 8. Hot corned beef with grilled sweet potato and endive on finger rolls.