No. 1 - In a frying-pan, place one teaspoon of butter for each egg. Beat the eggs until the whites and yolks are well mixed. Season with salt and pepper and add one to three tablespoons of milk or cream for each egg. Pour into the hot fat and cook slowly, stirring constantly until the eggs are of the desired consistency. Serve at once. A little onion-juice or chopped parsley may be added to the eggs, if desired.

No. 2 - With Green Peppers -

8 eggs

3 tablespoons cream

Salt and pepper

2 sweet peppers

3 tablespoons fat

Beat the eggs slightly, adding the cream, salt and pepper. Heat the fat and add the eggs. As the eggs begin to cook, add the) chopped pepper, from which the seeds have been removed. Cook slowly, stirring constantly, until the mass is creamy. Serve with toast points.

One-fourth cup of chopped canned pimientos may be substituted for the pepper. It is often desirable to soften fresh peppers by placing in hot water for five minutes.

Eggs scrambled in the top of a double boiler will be more creamy than those cooked in a frying-pan.