The standard kinds of coffee on the market today are Mocha, Java, Bogota, Rio and Santos. Although only about three per cent of the coffee used in the United States is actually from Mocha or Java, these names represent grades that are regularly for sale.

Buying Coffee

The size of the coffee bean is not important, since that differs with each variety; the color, however, may be, because this indicates the amount of roasting to which it has been subjected. A light-colored bean is likely to be mild in flavor; a medium one, somewhat stronger; while a very dark one may be bitter.

If possible, purchase unground coffee and grind it at home as it is needed. It is much more economical to use finely ground coffee, because more strength can be obtained from a given amount than from that which is coarser. If one has equipment for using pulverized coffee, that will be the most desirable.

Caffein-Free Coffees - Coffees from which most or all of the caffein has been extracted are on the market. These are sold under trade names. Together with cereal beverages they are used by those who prefer them to coffee or who may find coffee too stimulating.

Instantaneous Coffees consisting of finely pulverized coffee which may be dissolved in boiling water are available for campers and those who want a quick cup of coffee*