1 chicken

2 tablespoons salad oil 9 onions

1/2 pound bacon Parsley


1/2 bay-leaf

3 large tomatoes

1 cup stock

1/2 pound mushrooms

Prepare the chicken for roasting. While it is roasting, heat the oil in a frying-pan, add three of the onions finely chopped, and cook until a light brown. Add half the bacon, cut in small pieces, the parsley, thyme, and bay-leaf. When brown, add the tomatoes cut in slices, and the stock. When all is cooked, press through a sieve.

In another pan, brown lightly the other half of the bacon cut in strips, the mushrooms and the six remaining onions, chopped. Cook until everything is tender, then add the previously made sauce and the gravy from the roasted chicken, and, if necessary, thicken with a little flour.

Cut up the chicken, arrange pieces in the center of a platter and pour the sauce, with bacon, mushrooms and onions, around it. Cut bread in diamond-shaped pieces, fry in the bacon fat, and place these also around the chicken.