Let the bird rest on its back on the platter, with the drumsticks pointing toward your left. Grasp the carving-fork firmly in the left hand, with the tines pointing toward the bird's neck and the tips turned from the bird. Insert it into the leg so that one tine goes diagonally through the drumstick and the other through the second joint.

Cut all around the hip joint. Press against the side of the bird with the flat of the knife and use the fork as a lever to bend the leg back. This will separate the hip joint and the leg can be lifted off without difficulty.

Without removing the fork, lay the leg down flat, with the open end pointing, toward the left, and insert the knife from right to left between the tines of the fork. Press the knife down and it should go through the joint. At first you may have to do a little feeling around to locate the joint, but with practice you will learn how to insert the fork so that when the knife is placed between the tines it will fall directly over the joint.

Next thrust the fork into the side of the bird, rather low down, and cut the breast downward in thin even slices.

Slice the meat from the second joint and serve a slice of white meat and a slice of dark meat to each guest.

If more portions are needed, turn the bird so that it is lying with the carved side down. Separate the second leg in the same way you did the first, and slice the breast.

If the wings are needed they may be cut from the bird and divided in the same manner as the legs.

Ordinarily the tips of the wings and the drumsticks are not served with the roasted bird but are reserved for other uses.