Cress Salad

1 pint water cress

1 onion

French dressing

Pick over the leaves of the cress carefully, removing all bruised or wilted ones, wash and drain, and with the fingers break the stems into two-inch lengths. Lay the cress in a salad bowl, chop the onion very fine, strew it over the cress, add French dressing and serve.

Cress And Dandelion Salad

1 cup water cress

1 cup dandelion greens

6 thin slices raw onion French dressing

The dandelion should be fresh and young. Wash the leaves carefully and drain well. Arrange them in a salad bowl with the cress. Add the slices of onion and pour the French dressing over all.

Cress And Walnut Salad

1/2 cup walnut meats 1 lemon

1 pint water cress French dressing

Crack walnuts and remove their meats as nearly as possible in halves. Squeeze over them the juice of the lemon and let them stand for a short time. Pick over the water cress and wash it carefully. Drain it on a napkin and at the last moment drench it with French dressing. Spread the nuts over it and give them also a generous sprinkling of the dressing.

Cucumber Salad

3 cucumbers


French dressing

Cut about an inch off the point of each cucumber, and pare carefully. Slice very thin, sprinkle with a little salt, and let stand ten minutes. Serve with French dressing.

Cucumber Jelly Salad

1 pint grated cucumber Salt and paprika

2 tablespoons vinegar 1 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon gelatin

2 teaspoons cold water 6 halves of walnut-meats Mayonnaise Lettuce leaves

Peel cucumbers, removing most of the white as well as the green skin. Grate enough to give one pint and season with salt, paprika, vinegar and oil. Add gelatin mixed with cold water. Place over the fire until warm and well mixed. Do not boil. In the bottom of an individual mold put a half kernel of walnut, then pour in the cucumber mixture and when it has cooled, chill. When ready to serve, turn each mold on to a nest of young lettuce leaves, and add a spoonful of mayonnaise.

Lettuce Salad

Choose for this the crisp center of the lettuce. Wash it, dry it well, pull to pieces or cut it into four or six sections, and arrange it in a salad bowl. Pour over the center of the dish any dressing preferred. Mayonnaise is frequently used, and Russian dressing is used even more frequently, perhaps, but with a heavy dinner the French dressing is to be preferred to any other.

The following vegetables may be used instead of or with lettuce: endive, peppergrass, water cress, nasturtium leaves, spinach, chicory, sorrel, dandelion, escarole, and romaine.

Lettuce And Onion Salad

2 lettuce hearts

French dressing

1 Spanish onion

Strip off, and set aside for some other purpose, the green leaves of lettuce. Wash the hearts, pull them to pieces or cut into sections, and drop into ice-water to crisp them. Peel the Spanish onion and cut it into thin shavings. Shake the lettuce in a colander or wire basket to free it from water or dry on a towel. Fill the salad bowl with alternate layers of the lettuce and onion slices, sprinkling on each layer a little French dressing.