Plunge the live lobster into boiling water, head downward. Add one tablespoon of salt, cover the kettle and keep it boiling. A medium-sized lobster will cook in about twenty minutes. Plunge it into cold water when done and when cool enough to handle, take the meat from the shell in the following order: Chop off the claws. Split the body lengthwise, remove and throw away the stomach, a small sac just back of the head. Running from the stomach to the base of the tail is the intestinal canal. If this does not pull out with the stomach, it must be lifted out with a fork, in pieces, if necessary, and removed entirely.

Crack the claws and remove the meat. If the lobster is not to be served whole, take out the meat from the body, the creamy green fat which constitutes the liver, and the coral or spawn found in female lobsters. The spongy particles between the meat and shell are not used.

In cutting up the meat of cooked lobster, always use a silver knife or one of stainless steel, if possible, as an ordinary steel knife discolors or darkens the meat.