No. 1.

1 medium-sized lobster 3 tablespoons butter or other fat

2 tablespoons flour

1 pint boiling water

2 tablespoons lemon-juice

Cut the meat of the boiled lobster into small pieces and mash the coral with a tablespoon of fat. Rub the flour and the rest of the fat to a smooth paste. Add boiling water and cook five minutes, then add the coral and butter and lemon-juice. Simmer for four minutes. Strain the sauce over the lobster meat, place the whole on the fire and boil up once.

No. 2.

1 medium-sized boiled lobster Salt and pepper

1/2 pint drawn-butter sauce

Break up the coral and put it on a paper in a slow oven (250°- 300° F.) for thirty minutes. Then pound it and set it aside. Chop the lobster meat, not too fine, and add it to the sauce, also putting in a pinch of the coral and salt and pepper to taste. The effect is spoiled if the lobster is cut too fine. The sauce should be like a creamy bed for the lobster. Serve in a shallow dish with the pounded coral sprinkled over the top.