Liver - Calf's liver is often considered most choice in tenderness and in flavor. Lamb's, however, is equally good and often cheaper in price. Pig's liver is good, and even beef liver is acceptable if properly prepared.

Because of its value as an iron-rich food, liver is used extensively in the prevention and treatment of anemia.

Kidneys - -Calf's kidneys are best. Lamb's kidneys are good if the lamb is young.

Sweetbreads - Sweetbreads from the young calf or lamb are used. There are two kinds, those in the throat and those near the heart. Those near the heart are round and compact and are considered slightly more desirable than those in the throat. Sweetbreads spoil quickly, therefore they should not be kept very long.

Heart - Calf's and lamb's hearts are more tender than those from beef or mutton.

Tongue - Calf's and lamb's tongues are most desirable. The tongue of older animals may be used in some recipes.

Brain - Calf's brains are most desirable. Although a delicacy, there is so little demand for them that in many markets they may be purchased cheaply.

Tripe - A part of the stomach of a ruminant - that from the ox is the one usually used for food.