Preparing Tripe - Tripe is usually sold in the city markets already cleaned. If not so obtainable, wash well through several boiling waters, then put it in cold water and let it soak over night.

Stewed With Onions

2 pounds tripe 2 onions

Salt and pepper 1 cup hot milk Butter

Simmer the tripe and onions in salted water for three or four hours. Drain. Chop the cooked onions very fine, place them in hot milk, and season with salt, pepper and butter. Pour this over the tripe and serve at once.

Stewed with Tomato Sauce

2 pounds tripe

1 onion

2 cups tomatoes

2 tablespoons flour

Salt and pepper 1 tablespoon butter or other fat

Choose the honeycomb portions and the thick section of tripe. Wash it carefully, cover with hot water, add the onion, cut in halves, cover the stew-pan and simmer for thirty-five minutes. The tripe will then be tender and soft, but long cooking will make it tough and hard.

Place the tomatoes in a separate stew-pan, cook them for ten minutes and strain through a sieve. Make a sauce of the tomatoes, flour, seasoning and fat.

When the tripe is cooked, drain well, place on a hot plate and cut into slender strips. Then drain again, pressing the tripe gently between the back of a spoon and the plate to remove as much water as possible. Place it in the tomato sauce and serve as soon as the sauce is thoroughly heated through.