3 cups veal or beef kidneys

2 bay-leaves

1/2 lemon

Salt and pepper

2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons butter or other fat

Split the kidneys and cut out the hard, white substances and fat from the center. Wash them well and soak for three or four hours in cold water, changing the water as soon as it becomes cloudy. Then put the kidneys into a granite pan, add enough cold water to cover them and heat slowly. When just at the boiling-point, pour off the hot water and again just cover them with cold water, once more heating slowjy and again changing the water when hot. Change the water in this way three times, then simmer (twenty minutes for small kidneys; forty minutes for a beef kidney.) Set away to cool. If the stew is to be used for a breakfast dish, this preliminary cooking must be done the day before. When ready to prepare, separate all the cords and veins from the kidneys, leaving only the lean part. Cut this into small pieces. Place the chopped kidneys in a granite pan, add the bay-leaves, two cups of water and the lemon, sliced, and simmer for twenty minutes. When ready to serve, remove the bay-leaves, add the flour rubbed smooth in the butter or other fat, season with salt and pepper, and when thickened to the consistency of cream, serve on a hot dish.