Poultry in some form is available in the market at every season. Chickens weighing about one and one-half pounds, known as Spring chickens or broilers, begin to appear in the market during January. The height of the season for broilers, however, is May and June. The so-called milk-fed or early Spring chickens appear in the market in July and are available until August.

Roasting chickens begin to appear in September, and Philadelphia capons come into the market at about the same time. Fowl are in the market now-a-days throughout the year.

The season for turkey and ducks is the same as for chickens.

Goose about twelve weeks old, known as green goose, is available from May to September. Geese, also, may be found in the market throughout the year.

Fresh quail and partridge are in the market from Oct. 15 to Jan. 1. Cold-storage birds may be found much later. Grouse is fresh in the Fall. The cold-storage birds are obtainable throughout the year. Plover are in season from April to September.