Sauteed Pork Chops

Pork chops are delicious sauted. They require from twenty to thirty minutes. Some cooks sprinkle a little powdered sage over them, as well as salt and pepper, and thicken the gravy with flour. Sauted apples are delicious served with the sauted pork chops. Tomato sauce is good also.

Pork Pie

2 or 3 pounds thick end of loin of pork 1 cup stock or water Plain pie paste

Salt and pepper

1 or 2 tablespoons catchup



Cut pork into thick slices three inches long by two wide. Put a layer on the bottom of a pie-plate and sprinkle chopped parsley and onion, salt and pepper over it. Repeat until the dish is full and then pour in stock or water and catchup. Put a strip of good plain paste around the edge of the dish, cover with the paste, cut an opening in the center, and set the pie in a hot oven (450° F.). When the crust rises and begins to color, place the pie in the bottom of the oven, put a piece of paper over it and bake at a lower temperature ( 350° F.) for two hours. Often the meat is partly cooked before the crust is put on.

Fresh Pork With Vegetables

1 pound pork butt 4 large carrots 4 large parsnips

1 small red cabbage Seasoning

Simmer the piece of pork one and one-half hours . Cook the vegetables in the same kettle until they are soft , then remove them and finish cooking the meat. Cut the pork into thin slices. Arrange them side by side down the middle of a large platter, and make a border of the cabbage , quartered, and the other vegetables cut into lengths.


1 hog's head with ears and tongue Salt and pepper


Sweet marjoram

Powdered cloves

Head-cheese is usually made of the head, ears and tongue of pork. Clean the head with the utmost care and boil all the meat and bones in salted water until the meat is very tender, about two or three hours. Take out the head, place it in a colander to drain, and remove all the bones. Cut the ears in very thin slices. Season the whole to taste with salt, pepper, sage, sweet marjoram and other herbs, and a little powdered cloves. Mix the mass well, and pack it tightly in a bowl, interspersing layers of the mixture with slices of the boiled ears. Press the whole into a compact shape and cover with a plate, on which place a heavy weight. The head-cheese will be ready to use in two or three days. It may be cut in thin slices and served with vinegar and mustard, or it may be cut in slices, dipped in egg and cracker-crumbs and fried.

Boiled Ham

1 ham

Brown sugar

Whole cloves

Wash ham thoroughly, cover with boiling water and simmer, partially covered, for 25 to 30 minutes per pound, or until meat is tender. When cooked the internal temperature will be (160° F.). If ham is to be served cold, let it stand in water until it is cold, then peel off skin and serve. If it is to be served hot, peel off skin, rub with brown sugar, stick in a few cloves and bake in a hot oven (400° F.) to brown. Whenever possible follow packers cooking directions.