Before you buy your table-cloths, carefully measure your table, and allow a twelve- to fifteen-inch hangover for your dinner cloths, and an eight- to twelve-inch hangover for your luncheon cloths.

Table-cloths should be French-hemmed, with the hem three-eighths of an inch to one-half an inch wide, and napkins, also French-hemmed, have hems of from one-eighth of an inch to one-quarter of an inch wide.

A white linen damask cloth is as appropriate to the formal or informal luncheon as to the formal or informal dinner. Gay colored sets of damask or of less formal materials are often used. Linen runners, with small luncheon napkins to match, are popular, especially on long tables like refectory tables. An especially beautiful table is sometimes left bare except for the lace rounds under the centerpiece, plates, and glasses. Damask napkins are used with these.

Luncheon sets are appropriate for use at breakfast, luncheon, an informal dinner on the porch, or an informal supper.

For the tea table one may use an embroidered or hemstitched teacloth, or a simple or elaborate lace cover, or a combination of linen and lace.