Ice-cream is ready for packing when it has a dull appearance, adheres to a spoon and retains its shape for some time. By thermometer test it should be about 27° F. It should be firm and mellow, smooth and velvety, free from grains or lumps and neither tough nor mushy. Ice-creams and ices that are to be molded should be packed into the molds at this time.

To Pack Ice Cream in the Freezer, drain off the brine and pack the can in coarse cracked ice and salt. Use one part salt to four of ice by measure. Cover the top of the can with a layer of ice about six inches thick. Cover the top of the freezer with newspapers or burlap or any other covering that will exclude air. Set the freezer in a cool place and let it stand two or three hours, for the ice-cream to ripen.

When Frozen Mixtures are to be Molded, have the mold chilled and ready when the mixture is frozen to the point where it is ready for packing. If it is allowed to freeze too hard before it is packed into the molds, it is difficult to handle.

Pack the Mixture Into the Mold Carefully, so that all curves and corners are filled compactly without air spaces; fill the mold to overflowing with the frozen mixture and cover with a sheet of white paper.

Press the Cover Down Tight and seal the crack with a thick layer of some fat that is hard when it is cold. The crack must be completely covered. Bury the mold in cracked ice and salt, using four parts of ice to one part of salt, by measure.

In Packing a Mousse or Parfait, use equal measures of salt and ice and let the mold stand from three to five hours, depending on its size.

When Using the Automatic Refrigerator, pack the mixture into the trays. Allow four hours for freezing, until you find that your refrigerator will freeze more quickly.

Paper Cases May be Filled with chilled or partly frozen mixtures. These may be placed in a closely covered receptacle and packed in ice and salt or placed in the trays of the automatic refrigerator.

Double Molding - Line the mold with a frozen mixture, making the layer equally thick in all parts. Fill the center with a mixture of contrasting color or texture or both. This mixture may or may not have been frozen first.