Hair Tonic, No. 1

Cologne, 8 ounces,

Tincture of cantharides, 1 ounce,

Oil of lavender, 1/2 dram,

Oil of rosemary, 1/2 dram.

Apply to the roots of the hair daily. It is necessary that the scalp be absolutely clean; shampooing at least once a week, while using the tonic.

Brilliantine For The Hair

Brilliantine is used to give the hair a gloss, and to keep it smooth.

Sweet almond oil, 8 fluid ounces, Alcohol, 4 fluid ounces,

Glycerin, 1 fluid ounce, Oil of geranium, 12 drops.

Hair Tonic, No. 2

Phenic acid, 2 grammes, Tincture nux vomica, 7 grammes, Tincture cinchona rub, 30 grammes, Eau de Cologne, 120 grammes.

This is a good tonic for the hair, and also for removing dandruff from the scalp.