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Ask your Grocer for BELL's SEASONING

For flavoring the stuffing of meats, fish, poultry and game it has no equal

The WM. G. BELL Co.

Boston, Mass., U. S. A.


England's Favorite Sausage

WHEN you kno the quality of the materials that are used to make the Arlington Sausage, and you know the sanitary conditions under which it is prepared, you can readily appreciate why it is New England Favorite Sausage.

The Arlington sausage is made of sweet, tender pieces of fresh pork, carefully selected with just the right proportion of fat and lean meat; too much fit would make it greasy and wasteful, too much lean would make it tough. The sweet, tender pork is chopped (not ground). Preparedl in this way each little piece of meat in the sausage is firmmaking it more palatable.

It has justly gained the name of The Digestible Sausage.

To bring out the richness of the choice spices in the Arlington Sausage it should be baked. Preferably bake the sausage on a wire rack in a Apping pan, baking twenty to twenty-five minutes in a moderate even.

None are the genuine Arlington Sausage unless sold in the blue and white cartons.

One poind net weight. Never sold in bulk.

Ask for Arlington Sausage.


Boston. Mass.

Page & Shaw

The Candy of Excellence

For over forty years this candy has grown infavor through the recommendations of our customers. What they say about it today is still our real advertisement

Now that schools are teaching the cooking value of Mazola - oil pressed from Corn - our daughters will be better cooks than ever

MAZOLA seems to have been discovered simply to add to the reputation of American home cooking - in spite of the shortage of many food staples.

Whether it is doughnuts and crullers - fried fish or corn meal mush - cookies - a' salad dressing or any one of a hundred other things - Mazola gives tie final touch of delicate flavor.

Keeps fried foods free from greasiness, easy to digest. Makes the smoothest salad dressings.

Can be used over and over again - never carries odors or flavors from one food to another. Saves animal fats.

For Bale in pints, quarts, half gallons and gallons. For greater economy buy the large sizes.

There is a valuable Cook Book for Mazola users. It shows you how to fry, saute, make dressings and sauces more delicious, make light, digestible pastry. Should be in every home. Send for it or ask your grocer.

Free Corn Products Refining Company

17 Battery Place, New York, N. Y.

Knox Sparking Gelatine is first in Quality, Quanity, and Economy, and

The Yellow Package is put u in two packages. No.l Plain Sparkling art No. 3 Sparkling Acidulated. The Plain Sjarkling is the Yellow package, and is the original unflavored, unsweetened gelatine. The Spoiling Acidulated is the Blue package. Bot packages contain two envelopes of Sparkling Granulated Gelatine, and an envelope colaining a tablet of vegetable coloring and make the same quantity - four pints of jelly. The only difference between the two packages is that the Acidulated package contains an extra envelope of Lemon Flavoring which takes the place of lemon juice and affords the housewife a ready prepared flavoring. This flavoring not mixed with the gelatine, but packed in a separate envelope, thus leaving it to the housekeeper to use it or not, as shedesires. The Acidulated is called the "Busy Housekeeper's" package, because the jelly is so easily and quickly made. All that is added is water and sugar, and the dessert is ready to mold. Gelatine Dishes are taking an important part in dietetics, and physicians are ordering them very largely in the diet of their patients. The careful practitioner, however, recommends only a wholesome, colorless, odorless, and tasteless gelatine, which is found in

Knox Sparkling Gelatine and Knox Acidulated Gelatine

A great sunlit factory equipped with especially designed machinery does all the work of Knox Gelatine - hands never touch it until the housewife herself opens the package. Each package is guaranteed to please or money refunded.

Knox Gelatine is used and endorsed by Miss Fannie M. Farmer's School of Cookery

Send for our FREE recipe book "Dainty Desserts for Dainty People" showing how to use Knox Gelatine in making Desserts, Salads, Jellies, Puddings, Ice Creams, Sherbets, Candies, etc.

Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co., Inc., Johnstown, N. Y.

The Blue Package

Old Grist Mill

Health Foods

Old Grist Mill Flour of the Entire Wheat

Used by the best cooks for Health Bread. Bolted so as to take out coarser particles.

Arlington Wheat Meal

Ground on stone mills. All of the healthful properties of the wheat preserved.

Old Grist Mill Rye Flakes

Made from Selected Rye Grain. The natural laxative qualities of Rye make this a very desirable Health Food - besides making a delicious breakfast.

Old Grist Mill Rolled Wheat

Made from the Best White Winter Wheat. It combines all the virtues of the whole wheat and our method of preparing same makes it a delicious Breakfast Food.

Old Grist Mill Wheat Coffee

When coffee hurts you, give it up and drink the OLD GRIST MILL. For 20 years the best coffee substitute on the market - flavor as good as the best coffee without the after effects. Try it. Send for free sample.


Have you ever made Ivory Soap Paste?

THERE are many purposes for which it is unequaled and it is the most economical and convenient way to use Ivory Soap for general cleaning and laundry work.

With Ivory Soap Paste you can clean leather and other materials which should not be touched by soap suds. And it is much more effective than bar soap for such things as furniture, marble and porcelain bathroom fixtures, metal ware, woodwork, gilt frames and rugs.

The advantages of using the paste where the cake might answer the purpose are: The paste makes rich thick suds that cleanse thoroughly. It makes suds quickly, saving time. The suds can be made with lukewarm as well as hot water where heat would injure the article to be cleaned. And the paste goes farther than bar soap.

You will find the recipe for making Ivory Soap paste on the inside of the wrapper and also in the booklet "Unusual Uses of Ivory Soap". This booklet contains over 100 tested recipes for the safe cleaning of just the things that ordinarily cause the most trouble. You may have a copy postpaid by return mail if you will send your name and address to The Procter & Gamble Co., Dept. BC, Cincinnati, O.


. 99 4/100% PURE