To Chop Suet.

Cut into small pieces, remove the membranes, shave each piece in thin slices, and chop on a board. Or, if a large quantity is to be prepared, sprinkle the pieces with flour, and chop them in a tray in a cold room. This will prevent the suet from becoming soft and sticky.

To Clean Currants.

Put them in a squash strainer, and sprinkle thickly with flour. Rub them well until they are separated, and the flour, grit, and fine stems have passed through the strainer. Then place the strainer and currants in a pan of water and wash thoroughly. Lift the strainer and currants together, and change the water and wash again until the water is clear. Drain between towels, then pick over carefully and dry them in a sunny place or between towels, but do not harden them by putting them into the oven.

To Stone Raisins.

Pour boiling water over them, a few at a time. When cool enough to handle, drain and rub each raisin between the thumb and finger till the seeds come out clean, then cut or tear apart, or chop if wanted very fine.

Questions on Lesson X.

1. What is the meaning of 11. What is pan broiling ?

"broil"? 12. What two ways of cooking

2. How does the degree of heat grains have we learned in broiling compare with about ?

other forms of cooking ? 13. What are the grains called

3. How do we avoid burning food when ground ?

when broiling it ? 14. Are there any other kinds of

4. How should meat be cut, and flour beside that made from what kinds of meat are suit- wheat ?

able for broiling ? 15. Why do we cook grains,

5. What kind of a fire is needed whether whole or ground, in broiling ? in water ?

6. Why should the oven damper 16. What is dough ?

be open during broiling ? 17. What is a batter ?

7. Why do we grease the grid- 18. In what forms are flour and iron ? meal cooked ?

8. How do you place the meat in 19. What is the easiest way to the broiler ? make dough light ?

9. Do we hold the meat over the 20. What is baking-powder ?

flame or in the flame near 21. What is suet ?

the coals ? 22. How do you prepare raisins, 10. Why not cook the meat wholly currants, and suet for cookon one side before turning it ? ing ?