How To Remove Blood Stains

Saturate the stained part with kerosene oil and then dip in boiling water.

How To Remove Chocolate Stains

1. Stretch the stained part over a bowl and pour boiling water through it. 2. Rub with pure glycerine, then wash in soft water. Do not use soap, as this will fix the stain.

How To Remove Coffee Stains

Proceed as for Chocolate.

How To Remove Candle Wax (Colored) Stains

Place blotting paper, French chalk or white talcum powder on each side of stain and apply a warm iron. Brush out chalk or powder and remove color by sponging with alcohol or ether.

How To Remove Fruit Stains

Use boiling water and salts of lemon, or boiling water and oxalic acid. Pour through stained part which is stretched over a bowl.

How To Remove Grass Stains

1. Soak the stain in alcohol and rub. 2. Wet with cold water and rub cream of tartar in well, then wash out.

How To Remove Grease Stains

Stretch stained part over a firm pad of towelling or other absorbent goods and rub with any of the following applied with woolen cloth: Turpentine, benzine, ether or chloroform.

How To Remove Ink Stains

Dampen in cold water, dip in a solution of boiling oxalic acid (two teaspoonfuls oxalic acid in one glass of water), rinse and wash in soap solution.

How To Remove Iron Rust Stains

Moisten stain with ammonia, then apply salts of lemon or oxalic acid; after effervescence appears, dip in boiling water.

How To Remove Mucus (Handkerchiefs) Stains

Soak in salt water (two tablespoonfuls to one quart water), wash out and boil.

How To Remove Machine Oil Stains

1. Soak in cold water, then wash out with soap. 2. Soak in cold water and borax, then wash.

How To Remove Meat Juice Stains

Proceed as for blood.

How To Remove Milk Stains

Wash in cold water, then warm water and soap.

How To Remove Perspiration Stains

Immerse in soap solution and set in sunshine for several hours.

How To Remove Scorch Stains

Soft water and strong sunshine will remove a slight scorch.

How To Remove Shoe Stains On White Stockings Stains

Soak in a solution of oxalic acid, then wash out in ammonia water.

How To Remove Tea Stains

Cover stain with common salt, cover with lemon juice and set in sunshine.

How To Remove Vaseline Stains

Place two thicknesses of blotting paper beneath stain, and moisten with benzine. Cover with two thicknesses of blotting paper and press with a warm - not hot - iron. Use care in working with benzine as it is inflammable.

How To Remove Egg Stains

Cold water followed by hot water and soap as in ordinary laundering.

How To Remove Ice Cream Stains

Sponge the stains thoroughly with water, followed by agents used in removing grease spots.

How To Remove Iodine Stains

Unstarched Materials: Sponge the stain with diluted ammonia. Then sponge with alcohol. Starched Materials: Soak the stains in diluted ammonia until they disappear, or boil the stained material for five or ten minutes.

How To Remove Leather Stains

Use an abundance of soap with thorough rubbing and proceed as in ordinary laundering.

How To Remove Paints Stains

Sponge the stains with pure turpentine. If stains are not fresh, soften by moistening with ammonia and sprinkling with turpentine. Roll articles up for fifteen minutes, then wash in warm water and soap.

How To Remove Water Color Stains

Dip stained portion in gasoline and rub vigorously.

How To Remove Salad Dressing Stains

Soap and luke warm water for washable materials.

How To Remove Soot Stains

First brush the stain, then place on absorbent powders such as Fuller's earth, French chalk, cornstarch, corn meal or salt; work around until they become soiled and brush them away. Then wash or sponge the stain.

How To Remove Tomato Stains

Wash stains carefully, then moisten with lemon juice and expose to sun for several days. Sponge the stain with alcohol which removes the green part of the stain. This is good for stains on wool or silk.