Strawberry Fluff

Use regular shortcake. Take one cup of strawberries (the small ones); crush and sweeten them; then stir them into the well-beaten whites of two eggs; half the rest of the berries and lay them on the cake; then add the fluff which is the strawberries and white of eggs. This takes the place of cream and makes a very pretty and delicious dish.

Mrs. S. I. Harrison.

Kisses. Beat very light the whites of four eggs; one teaspoonful Sperry Flour; flavor with Folger's Golden Gate Lemon, or rose water. Bake on paper.

Mrs. Bradley.

Ginger Cake

Two eggs, well beaten; one cup molasses; one cup butter and lard mixed; two teaspoonfuls ginger; one teaspoonful soda in one-half cup of milk or water; Sperry Flour to make stiff as for cup cake.

Ginger Snaps

One cup molasses; one cup sugar; one-half cup butter; one teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon; one tea-spoonful Folger's Golden Gate Ginger; one teaspoonful soda. Boil these together for about five minutes, adding the soda toward the last. Allow mixture to cool; then mix with Sperry Flour and roll very thin. Bake on floured tins, cutting round like cookies or in long strips one inch wide and five or six inches long.

Mrs. Powel.


Mix one cup sifted Sperry Flour, one level teaspoon - ful each of soda, Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon and nutmeg, and one-fourth level teaspoonful of salt and Folger's Golden Gate Cloves; add two cups seedless raisins (washed, boiled 10 minutes, dried and quartered). Blend one-fourth cup Cottolene with one and one-half cups sugar, add two well-beaten eggs, three tablespoonfuls of milk and the flour mixture. Beat well, then add enough more Sperry Flour to make dough just stiff enough to stay up when dropped on a greased pan. Bake quickly.

Chocolate Cake With Marshmallow Filling

One-half cup butter; two cups sugar creamed; one cup sweet milk; six eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately; one teaspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Vanilla; three teaspoonfuls Folger's Golden Gate Baking Powder; three cups Sperry Flour, sifted together; one-third cup of chocolate, grated. When melted, stir into batter; makes three layers. Filling: One pound of marshmallows into which is put one tablespoonful of water. Place on range; stir till melted; put between layers.

Mrs. Herzog.

Rock Cakes

Melt one level teaspoonful Cottolene, one-fourth cup sugar and one-half level teaspoonful salt in one cup scalded milk. When cool, add one-half yeast cake softened in one-fourth cup water, one beaten egg and Sperry Flour to make a stiff drop batter. Use a mixture of corn, rye meal, or graham meal, with Sperry Flour to make variety. Let it rise in a warm place, and when light, take up in spoonfuls without disturbing the mass, and drop into hot, deep Cottolene.

Nut Caramel Cake

Two cups brown sugar; one-half cup sour milk; one-half cup butter; two eggs; one-half cup chocolate, dissolved in one-half cup hot water; one teaspoonful soda; two and one-half cups Sperry Flour. Filling: Two cups brown sugar; one-half cup sweet milk; one-half cup butter. Boil all together until it will candy, then add one-half pound chopped walnuts.

Mrs. Shuman.