Imperial Cookies

One-half cup butter; one cup sugar; two eggs; one tablespoonful milk; two and one-half cups Sperry Flour; one and one-half level teaspoonfuls Folger's Golden Gate Baking Powder; one-half teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Lemon Extract; one-half teaspoonful grated nutmeg. Mix and bake as wafers.

Mrs. Margaret Whittaker.

Spice Cake

One cup of sour milk; one cup of sugar; one-half cup of butter; two and one-half cups of Sperry Flour; one egg; one teaspoonful of soda; one small nutmeg; one teaspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Cloves, cinnamon and allspice; one cup of raisins. You can double this recipe and make a large cake if you wish.

Ginger Snaps

One-half pound Sperry Flour; one-quarter pound sugar: one-quarter pound molasses; two ounces butter (melted); one teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Baking Powder; one teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Ginger; one teaspoonful baking soda; one tablespoonful milk; one-quarter teaspoonful salt. Sift dry ingredients; add butter, molasses and milk. Roll out thin and bake in a moderate oven.

Miss Bryant.

Dried Apple Cake

Two cups dried apples, chopped fine; soak over night in water; then cook in one cup molasses until soft; add one cup butter, one cup brown sugar, one cup sour milk, two tea-spoonfuls soda, one teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon, one teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Cloves, one teaspoonful nutmeg, one cup raisins; enough Sperry Flour to make quite stiff. Bake in moderate oven.

French Cream Frosting

One-half cup of sugar, three tablespoon-fuls water in small saucepan; stir while heating until the sugar is melted; take spoon from pan before sugar begins to boil; after boiling four minutes, add one-half teaspoonful vanilla; do not stir; set away to cool; when blood warm, beat with wooden spoon until thick and white; put in double boiler; melt, then spread quickly on cake.

Chocolate Frosting

Dissolve one ounce of chocolate, add a tablespoonful of boiling water. Apply to cake over French cream. Very delicious.

A. L. Bradley.

Walnut Cake

Four eggs, beaten separately; two cups sugar; one cup sweet milk; three cups Sperry Flour; one cup butter; two teaspoonfuls cream of tartar; one teaspoonful soda; two cupfuls nuts, chopped small, and one cup of raisins.

Mrs. W. S. Philips.

Devil Cake

For custard part: One cupful of grated chocolate; one cup of brown sugar; one-half cup sweet milk; yolk of one egg; one teaspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Vanilla. Stir all together in a granite pan. Cook slowly until it begins to thicken, and set away to cool. For Cake Part: One cupful of brown sugar; two cups of Sperry Flour; one-half cup of butter; one-half cup of sweet milk; two eggs,cream butter; sugar; eggs; yolks of eggs; add milk, sifted flour, and whites of eggs beaten stiff. Beat all together, and then stir in the custard. Lastly, add a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little warm water. Bake either as a loaf or layer cake. For Filling: One cup of brown sugar and one of white; one cup of water; one tablespoonful of vinegar. Boil until thick, like candy, and stir in the beaten whites of two eggs, and one-quarter pound of marsh-mallows. Boil up again and put on cake, letting each layer cool, putting on the next layer.

Mrs. Ida Carter.