Ginger Sponge Cake

One-half cup sugar (brown); one cup molasses; one teaspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate cinnamon, ginger, cloves and allspice; two teaspoonfuls of soda in one cup of boiling water; two and one-half cups of Sperry Flour; salt to taste: add last two well-beaten eggs. Can be served with a sauce when hot if desired.

Raisin Filling For Cake

One cup of granulated sugar; four table-spoonfuls of water. Cook until it strings. Pour into the well-beaten whites of two eggs, beat hard, adding one-third cup of chopped raisins. Put on cake when cold.

Apple Sauce Cake

One cup warm apple sauce; one-half tea-spoonful soda in the apple sauce; one-half cup butter; one cup brown sugar; one and three-quarter cups Sperry Flour; one-half cup raisins; Folger's Golden Gate Spices to suit.

Mrs. I. D. Hamilton.


Three eggs, well beaten; two cups of granulated sugar; one and one-half cups of milk; Folger's Golden Gate Vanilla, and one tablespoonful of baking powder; one small teaspoonful of salt. Mix sufficient Sperry Flour to roll on board and cut and drop in hot lard.

Currant Biscuits

One quart Sperry Flour, one heaping table-spoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Baking Powder, one small table-spoonful of lard, two teaspoonfuls of salt, one-half cup of currants. Add sufficient milk to mix well to roll out and cut. Bake quickly.

Breakfast Muffins

One-quarter cup butter, one-quarter cup of sugar, one egg, one-half cup sweet milk, one and one-half cups Sperry Flour, two rounded teaspoonfuls Folger's Golden Gate Baking Powder. Cream butter and sugar together and add the well-beaten egg; sift baking powder with flour and with milk. Bake in hot buttered gem pans, in moderately hot oven, 25 minutes.

Mrs. I. D. Hamilton,

Apple Cake

One heaping cup of sugar; one large tablespoonful of butter; two eggs; one-half cup of milk; two cups of Sperry Flour (or enough to make a nice, thick, soft batter); one teaspoonful of cream of tartar; one-half teaspoonful of soda. This will make three layers, if the pan is not too large. Filling for layers: Two large apples (greenings are the best, or any tart apples); peel and grate; then grate one lemon peel; squeeze juice and grate the pulp; to this add one cup of sugar and one white of egg; put all into a tin cup and cook thoroughly. Then spread between cake as jelly cakes.

Amy Crofford.

Blackberry Jam Cake

Three-quarters cup butter; one cup sugar; one cup jam (any kind, blackberry preferable); two cups Sperry Flour: three eggs; one teaspoonful soda, dissolved in five teaspoon-fuls sour milk; one-half teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Cloves; one-half teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Nutmeg; one teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon. This makes three or four layers; put together with the following frosting: Two cups sugar, three-quarters cup of milk; butter the size of an egg. Boil 15 minutes; beat until white and spread between layers. Also beat cake well.