Parsley Sauce

To be used with boiled chicken, boiled salt pork, baked white fish, boiled salmon, or lima beans. Take a large bunch of parsley, wash clean, boil with stems on in as little water as possible, into which drop a piece of soda as large as a small pea, to keep the parsley green. When tender, take from the water, which must be saved; pick from stems; chop fine; add as much rich milk to the water as needed, a piece of butter the size of an egg, salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper. Stir in parsley; thicken and cook a few minutes. In serving with boiled chicken, cook the chicken in as little water as possible, boiling it down, if too much for the sauce, after the chicken is removed, and use this broth for the sauce instead of milk.

Mrs. T. H.

Onion Sauce

To be served with either roast mutton or pork. Boil the onions until tender; chop fine after being thoroughly drained. Have ready half a pint of scalding milk, seasoned with butter, salt, and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper; a little cayenne. Stir in the onions and thicken; cook a few minutes and serve.