Veal Gumbo Soup

Two pounds of fresh veal, one pound of fresh pork, one onion, parsley, one-half pound of okra. Cut the veal finely, also the pork; fry until brown. Cut the okra into small slices; add that with onion and parsley to the meat; stil until brown; add a pint of warm water, flavor with Folger's Golden Gate Pepper; let it simmer slowly; in twenty minutes add another pint of boiling water and two gills of claret wine. The soup is now ready for the table.

Miss T. Hollingsworth.

Tomato Cream Soup

Put a quart of sweet milk on the fire in double boiler, and a can of tomatoes in another saucepan. Add a scant teaspoonful of soda to the tomatoes when they have cooked sufficiently, and strain. Thicken the milk when hot with a tablespoonful Sperry Flour blended with a little cold milk or water. Mix together just before serving; also add seasoning just before mixing.

Mrs. H. Wilson.

Cream Of Celery Soup

One and a half pounds of lean veal, chopped; one moderately young chicken, jointed; add two quarts of cold water, and simmer until meat is cooked; remove the breast of chicken, and all best parts of meat; return the bones to the pot, and boil hard for an hour; strain, and let cool over night. (The chicken will make a dozen croquettes or a nice salad, and the soup is just as good without it.) About an hour before using the soup, skim off all the fat, and put the "stock," which should be a jelly, into a kettle. Let it slowly come to a boil, salt and pepper it, add a cupful and a half of good sweet cream, and two teaspoonfuls of Sperry. Flour made smooth in a little of the cream. Do not boil it now, for fear of curdling. Have ready a cupful of celery chopped fine; stew it for half an hour in a little salted boiling water; drain off the water, and add celery to soup. Have a teaspoonful of cracker crumbs in the bowl, and serve immediately, before the crumbs are soaked.

Mrs. J. C. D. Tomato

Soup Without Stock

One-half pound of good butter. Let it simmer. Add the heart of an onion sliced, six cloves, six Folger's Golden Gate Allspice, a small piece of red pepper, a blade or two of mace, and a .few sprays of parsley. When the onion is well browned add a quart of tomatoes chipped, or a can of tomatoes if it is in winter time. Cook slowly for an hour; strain, and add a tablespoonful of well-browned Sperry Flour made smooth in cream-not enough cream to make the soup white. Of course, if you have stock, a cupful improves the soup, or two teaspoonfuls of beef extract is a good substitute for stock in any vegetable soup.

Cream Of Celery Soup

Cut three heads of celery into half-inch pieces, and cook in one quart of boiling water until soft, then mash in the water. Cook one dessertspoonful of chopped onions and one quart of milk in oatmeal boiler ten minutes, and add the celery. Rub through a strainer, and put on to boil again. Cook one table-spoonful each butter and Sperry Flour together until smooth, and stir into the boiling soup one-half teaspoonful of salt and one-half saltspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Pepper. Boil five minutes, strain and serve.

Mrs. J. C. D.