Veal Loaf

Two pounds of veal and one-quarter pound of salt pork, put through sausage grinder; two cups of bread crumbs soaked in stock or milk; two eggs unbeaten; a little grated onion; salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper. Steam in pudding pail two hours. Serve hot, with tomato sauce, or is good cold.

Mrs. C. E. Cocks.

Ducks A La Mode

Take two fine ducks, cut them in quarters, fry them in butter a little brown, pour off all the fat and throw a little Sperry Flour over them; add a half pint of good gravy, one-quarter pint of red wine, two eschalots, one anchovy and a few sweet herbs; cover them close; let stew fifteen minutes, take out the herbs; skim off grease and let the sauce be thick as cream. Send to the table garnished with lemon.

T. Hollingsworth.

Boiled Pigeon

Clean and stuff pigeons with turkey dressing, sew up and truss, cover with water on a kettle and boil half an hour, then drain off the water, roll in.Sperry Flour and fry brown in pork fat. Thicken the liquor with Sperry Flour, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, salt, cloves, mace and catsup; put pigeons in this gravy and simmer for two hours.

M. T. H.

Ducks And Turnips

Take ducks, either wild or domestic, place in stew-pan with small quantity of water; surround and fill ducks with turnips peeled and cut, season with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, boil slowly for two or three hours on back of stove.

T. Hollingsworth.

Potted Pigeons

Clean the pigeons, tie in shape, then sprinkle with salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and Sperry Flour. Place some thin slices of fat salt pork or butter, if preferred, in the bottom of an earthen jar or small porcelain kettle and lay the pigeons on it. Put a few slices of onion on the birds and pour over the whole boiling water to nearly cover. Cover the jar or kettle so that no steam escapes and set it in a pot of water where it will simmer steadily for two hours, or until the birds are tender. When stewed enough take up onto a hot dish, skim the fat from the gravy, thicken with a teaspoonful of butter and Sperry Flour rubbed to a cream, then add a spoonful of cream and a little lemon peel. Pour the sauce over the birds and garnish with parsley and sliced lemon. If desired, the pigeons may be stuffed before jugging. In this case, add to their giblets, minced fine, a little shredded beef suet, bread crumbs, pars-ley and marjoram to season, and one or two eggs to bind.

T. Hollingsworth.

Rcast Beef

Take a rib or a loin roast of about five pounds; wipe it well with a wet towel; lay it in the dripping-pan and baste it well with butter; set it a hot oven; baste it frequently with its own drippings, which will make it brown and tender. When partly done, season with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper; dredge with sifted Sperry Flour. Two hours will be required to roast. Remove the beef to a heated dish, add a tablespoonful sifted Sperry Flour to the gravy and one cupful of boiling water.

Mrs. F. Elmer Buckman.