Take the three-fourths of a cup of custard reserved from the souffle, and add half a cup of cream. Use coffeecup for measure.

Mrs. H. C. P.

Cafe Parfait

Take a pint of thick cream, a small teacup of sugar, one-half cup of strong coffee, and beat to a stiff froth; put in a mold and pack as for ice cream, not stirring it; it will freeze in three hours; delicious.

E. A. C.

Sea Foam (A Very Pretty Dish)

One-half box of Cox's or Nel-- n'- gelatine, pour over it one pint of boiling water, and stir until dissolved. When cool, not cold, break in the whites of five eggs and whip to a froth. Flavor and sweeten to taste.

Mrs. J. M. R.

Lemon Sauce

Half a cup of butter; one cup of sugar; juice and grated yellow of one lemon; three-fourths of a pint of boiling water: one tablespoonful of corn starch. Cook until it thickens.

Pie-Plant Pie

One crust baked first as for lemon pie; one large cup of stewed pie-plant. While boiling add one cup sugar, one tablespoonful butter, one teaspoonful corn starch, mixed with the well-beaten yolks of two eggs. Put the mixture in the crust with the well-beaten whites of two eggs on top and brown in the oven.

Farina Pudding

One coffeecup of farina; one-quarter cup of butter; one pint of milk; one-quarter cup of sugar; six eggs; grated rind of one lemon; 10 almonds, blanched and chopped. Boil the milk, let farina run slowly into it, and stir till the mass separates from the kettle. Then remove it from the fire and stir into it the sugar, butter, lemon rind, salt, yolks one by one, and last the beaten white- of the eggs. Bake slowly one hour.

Herodotus Pudding

One pound of fine raisins, stoned; one pound of minced beef suet; one-half pound of bread crumbs; four figs, chopped fine: two tablespoonfuls of honey; two wineglasses of Greek wine; the rind of a lemon, grated; boil 3 hours. Sherry may replace the Greek wine. Sugar may be used instead of honey.

H. C. P.

Fig Pudding

One cup of molasses; one cup of chopped suet: one cup of milk; three and a quarter cups of Sperry Flour: two ; one teaspoonful of soda; one teaspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon; half a teaspoonful of nutmeg; one pint of figs, chopped.

Mrs. F. B.

Ice Cream

Put three cups sweet milk on in double boiler. When hot, stir in one cup sugar; half cup Sperry Flour (scant), and two eggs beaten together. When cold, add three cups cream and partly freeze; then add any kind of fruit you prefer, mashed and sweetened. Strawberries, peaches or bananas make delicious cream. Or if a plain vanilla cream is preferred, put six or eight, inch pieces of vanilla bean in with the milk when first put on fire, and strain custard to remove the pods. The small seeds will still remain, but that does not matter.

Mrs. H. Wilson.