Pea, Bean Or Lentil Croquettes

If dried, soak over night, then stew till tender, drain dry, mash or sift and season with salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, a bit of sugar, onion, and minced parsley; add to each cup of pulp, one beaten yolk and soft bread crumbs sufficient to hold in shape. Make into balls, crumb-egg-and-crumb and fry as usual.

Lima Bean Puree

Soak one pint of lima beans over night. Pour off water and if the skins are very loose, remove them as you would almonds, when blanching them. Put on to cook in one pint of water, add one-eighth teaspoonful of soda, celery leaves or stalk of celery, and a few moments before tender, one level teaspoonful of salt and one-eighth teaspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Pepper. When soft, put through puree sieve, return to fire and add one pint of milk and one tablespoonful of Sperry Flour, blended with two tablespoonfuls of butter. Serve with croutons.

Squash On Half Shell

Divide a Hubbard squash in half lengthwise. Put in oven in dripping pan to bake. Cover and cook until tender. Aim to preserve the rind in good condition. Take out cooked center when done, mash and season with salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, butter and very rich cream, a suspicion of sugar and Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon or nutmeg; beat until light and creamy, return to the shell, reheat in the oven and serve in the shell. Garnish the platter with grape or other large leaves available.

Baked Beans

Wash and put on to parboil one quart of small white beans, with a half teaspoonful of soda added. Let boil an hour, drain and add four tablespoonfuls New Orleans molasses, a pinch of Folger's Golden Gate Mustard, salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper. Put part of the beans in the bean pot, then a pound of bacon (salt pork, if preferred), then rest of beans. Cover with hot water; cover tightly, and bake ten hours, keeping water replenished as it cooks away. Are nicer if they can be started the day before and left in the oven over night.

Mrs. H. Wilson.

Tomato Soy

Eight pounds green tomatoes, one dozen bell peppers, one dozen large onions. Chop fine and add one cup salt and let stand over night. Drain and pour over one quart vinegar, one quart sugar, one tablespoonful Folger's Golden Gate cloves, cinnamon and allspice. Boil one and one-half hours. Bottle and seal.

Mrs. C. E. Cocks.

Beans Slavonian

Take three pounds of yellow wax beans, string and break them in the usual manner. Peel and slice a quart of tomatoes; peel and slice thin four good-sized onions and chop fine four bell peppers. Arrange in layers in a deep kettle: beans, tomatoes, onions, and a sprinkling of peppers until all are used; then add a pint of water, four tablespoonfuls of olive oil and a scant dessert spoonful of salt. Cover and cook slowly for 3 hours. More water may be added to prevent burning, and more seasoning if desired. Stir often.

Mrs. C. E. Cocks.

Corn Fritters

Six ears of corn grated, one egg, two tablespoon-fuls butter, one teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Baking Powder, and a little salt.

Mrs. B.

Stuffed Peppers

Six green peppers from which stem ends and seeds have been removed. Scald in water to cover, over the simmering burner, from 5 to 8 minutes. Drain ready to fill. Make filling from rice nicely boiled or steamed whole and blanched, seasoned with salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and butter. Or a more elaborate filling from "left overs," if at hand; one and one-half cups of rice, three-quarters cup of minced lamb, veal or chicken is used. Tomatoes may be stuffed with one-half cup of stewed and strained tomatoes, and one teaspoonful grated onion pulp. Mix ingredients, fill peppers two-thirds full and finish each with buttered bread crumbs. Put closely together in a deep baking dish, with one-half cup of stock or water in the dish. Cover for first 10 minutes in the oven and bake 15 minutes longer uncovered. A very rare vegetable entree when minced lamb, veal or chicken is used. Tomatoes may be stuffed with the same mixture, substituting chopped pepper for tomato or using peppers with the plain rice.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Use medium-sized potatoes and bake till done without burning. Then take from the oven. Take a slice of the skin from the flat side of the potato. Remove the inside of all in pan and season with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, cream and butter and heat till white and fine and return to the skins and oven till they rise up like a puff. Serve very hot in the skins.

.Mrs. I. D. Hamilton.

Browned Potatoes

Chop some cold boiled potatoes, not too fine; season with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper. Put one tablespoonful of butter in the frying pan. and when hot add the potatoes, spreading them out evenly. After they get hot through add one-third cup of rich milk or thin cream; have only moderate heat and let them brown for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally till all are evenly browned. Serve very hot.

Mrs. I. D. Hamilton.

Littleton Potatoes

Arrange in layers in baking dish alternately, cold minced or diced potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and white sauce made of milk, Sperry Flour and butter; season to taste and on top put buttered crackers or dry bread crumbs. Bake slowly about 1 hour.

Mrs. J. M. Jackson.