Potato And Egg Salad

Three hard-cooked eggs, chop fine using silver knife to prevent the eggs being discolored; cook potatoes, cut in dice while hot, and mix with the egg. Add dressing, and season with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper. Serve very cold on lettuce or watercress.

Mrs. E. R. Lewis.

Chili Sauce

Eighteen large ripe tomatoes, five green peppers, and three onions chopped fine, three cups vinegar, two tablespoonfuls salt, four tablespoonfuls sugar, two tablespoonfuls Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon, one tablespoonful Folger's Golden Gate Cloves, one tablespoonful Folger's Golden Gate Allspice, one nutmeg. Boil an hour, or longer if too thin.

Green Tomato Pickles

Put into stone jar a layer of plump green tomatoes, cut in slices, a large green mango sliced, a layer of sliced onions; alternate the layers until the jar is filled. Sprinkle each layer with salt. Cover and let stand over night. Drain, put in preserving kettle with vinegar to cover; scald but do not boil. Drain again, cover with cold vinegar, season with one tablespoonful of Folger's Golden Gate whole cloves, one tablespoonful of whole pepper corns and one ounce of white radish seed. Cover closely.

Mrs. W. C. Baker.

Mustard Pickles

One quart small cucumber, one quart green tomatoes or onions, one large cauliflower, four green peppers cut fine. Make a brine of four quarts of water, and one pint salt. Pour over the vegetables and let stand twenty-four hours. Heat just enough to scald, and turn into a colander to drain. Mix one cup Sperry Flour, six tablespoonfuls mustard, and one tablespoonful termeric, with enough cold vinegar to make paste; then add one cup sugar and sufficient vinegar to make two quarts in all. Boil the mixture until it is thick, stirring all the time; then add the vegetables, and well heat.

Mrs. Pearson.

Tomato Sauce

Into a saucepan put one-half can tomatoes, one bay leaf, few Folger's Golden Gate Cloves, one blade of mace, one-half teaspoon salt, one-quarter teaspoon paprika, and ten drops of onion juice. Simmer for fifteen minutes and press through a fine sieve. Add one-third box of gelatine which has been soaked in one-third cup of cold water, and stir until dissolved. Add two table spoonfuls of vinegar and pour into molds. When firm, set in lettuce leaves and garnish with mayonnaise dressing.

Mrs. Charlotte Weir. Chili Sauce

Twenty-five good sized, ripe tomatoes, scalded and skinned; twenty-five onions of medium size; eight green peppers, seeds removed; one bunch celery. Chop all up quite fine; add two cups granulated sugar, two tablespoonfuls salt, and one-half table-spoonful each of Folger's Golden Gate ground mace, allspice, cloves and cinnamon, with one quart of cider vinegar. Put all in granite kettle-; cook slowly three hours and stir often. When cool put in bottles, sealing well.