Cheese Sandwich. (None Better.) - Take good, snappy cheese, mix to a paste with melted butter (equal parts). Make thin sandwiches, trimming the edges neatly. Brown both sides in butter, in your chafing dish blazer.

A Popular Sandwich

A sandwich greatly in favor among gentlemen, because it is substantial and appetizing and served at restaurants of established reputation for excellence of their cuisine, as the Waldorf-Astoria of New York, is generally known as the "club sandwich." With a cup of coffee or cocoa it is almost a meal of itself. Cut slices of bread about 1/4 inch in thickness, remove the crusts and reserve one-half of slices to be used, plain. Toast remaining half very delicately, and butter, almost imperceptibly, so little is used. Broil very thinly-cut slices of bacon. Place strips of bacon on plain bread, cover with a heart leaf of lettuce, add mayonnaise dressing, daintily-sliced cold chicken, and finish with toasted slice on top. Serve on leaves of lettuce, garnished with parsley, or on doily without any garnish.

Cucumber Sandwich

Pare a thin cucumber, divide in quarters lengthwise and slice very thin; keep them in ice water half an hour; drain on towel, mix with any preferred salad dressing, and spread a layer on thin slices of bread, cover with bread and press lightly.

Egg Sandwich

Mince hard eggs very fine, mix with minced olives or cress, or parsley; moisten with softened butter or mayonnaise; season to taste and spread between sliced bread. Or combine yolks with an equal amount of potted ham.

Pepper Filling For Sandwiches

Use the sweet bell peppers, remove the seeds and chop fine, and mix with a very little mayonnaise, just enough to form a paste, and spread between thin slices of bread.

Sardine Fillings - Mince sardines very finely and remove all bones and skin; add a little French dressing with a little Folger's Golden Gate lemon juice. Spread on lettuce leaves; place between thin slices of bread.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Mince cold chicken very fine (do not chop); one-third as much well-bleached celery, chopped very fine, one coffeecupful of chopped English walnuts, a few stalks of minced parsley. Toss all together lightly, mix with mayonnaise dressing; spread between thin bread and butter sandwiches. Cut in fancy shapes with sandwich cutter.

Banana Sandwich

Spread Graham bread with thick cream, salt it, lay on thin lengthwise strips of banana; add a dash of sugar and a few drops of Folger's Golden Gate lemon juice, or bits of currant jelly, and cover with a slice of buttered white bread.

Celery Sandwich

Equal parts of finely-minced celery, and rich cream cheese, moisten with mayonnaise or whipped cream; season, spread on thin bread, cover with a slice buttered, and spread with currant jelly.

Date Sandwich

Wash dates in tepid water, dry and stone them, remove scales and the inner skin near stone, if it be tough; add an equal amount of finely-chopped walnuts, and moisten with soft butter or cream, till it can be spread on slices of bread. Cover, press together, and cut in triangles. Combine figs and pecans, or raisins and almonds in same way.

Roquefort Wafers

Spread any preferred thin biscuit or wafer, long or square, with Roquefort blended with butter or cream, and dust with Folger's Golden Gate cinnamon; put together and press lightly.