A Rolled, Stuffed Steak

An inexpensive roast is from a large steak cut from best of round, about one and one-half inches thick, scored, brushed with oil and vinegar, covered with a well seasoned stuffing of bread crumbs and rolled into a duck-shaped loaf. Dust with salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and Sperry Flour, lay thin slices of suet and strips of fat. salt pork over the top, put in covered baking pan, add one cup of hot water and cook in moderately slow oven until tender. Nice hot or cold. Brown, mushroom, horseradish or flemish sauce may be served with it.

Stuffed Steak

Have a large steak cut from best round, one inch thick; brush with oil and vinegar; cover thickly with well seasoned bread crumbs and roll into loaf and tie; dust with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, and lay thin strips of fat salt pork on top; put in covered baking-pan; add one cup hot water, and bake in slow oven till tender. Nice either hot or cold.

Escalloped Chicken

Boil a chicken till tender, bone and chop; put into a baking-dish a layer of chicken, a layer of bread crumbs, butter, salt. Folger's Golden Gate Pepper; fill the dish with alternate layers, pouring over all the chicken gravy. Bake till brown.

M rs. I. D. Hamilton.


Melt two tablespoonfuls butter; stir into it two table-spoonfuls Sperry Flour, and add one pint sweet milk. Boil till it thickens.

Mrs. I. D. Hamilton.

Veal Sausage

Chop one pound veal and one-quarter pound suet together; add two beaten eggs, one-half cup cracker Crumbs, two tablespoonfuls thick cream, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and salt; roll with the hand into sausage shapes and then in cracker crumbs. Melt some butter in baking-dish, put in the sausage cover and bake about one hour in slow oven.

Mrs. I. D. Hamilton.

Little Pigs In Blankets

Take large Eastern oysters, roll each one in a strip of rich pastry dough; season oysters with salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, and a dash of cayenne. Bake in quick oven till a delicate brown. Serve very hot.

Mrs. W. C. Baker.