Beef Loaf

Three pounds of rare beef chopped fine, one-half pound salt pork, one tablespoonful salt, ten tablespoonfuls of rolled crackers, one-half cup of milk, two eggs well beaten. Mix well and form into a loaf. Pour over half pint of water. Bake two hours, cool, and cut into slices.

Mrs. E. Harmon.

Yorkshire Timbales

Sift one saltspoonful of salt with one cup of Sperry Flour into a bowl; beat two eggs very light; add one cup of milk, beating eggs into the milk; pour milk on the flour gradually, to make a smooth paste. Beat all well together. Use beef drippings from roast to grease hot gem pans. After timbales have risen, baste with hot drippings. Serve with roast beef. Timbales are more easily managed and have more crust than same batter baked in pan with the roast.

Jellied Tongue

Boil until done a large smoked beef tongue, saving a pint of the liquor; remove the skin, allow it to get perfectly cold, and slice as for the table. In half a pint of water dissolve thoroughly two ounces of gelatine; carefully take from a teacupful of browned veal gravy all the grease, stir in a small tablespoonful of sugar, one of burned sugar to color the jelly, and three of vinegar, then the liquor in which the tongue was boiled. Mix in well the dissolved gelatine, then a pint of boiling water. Strain through a jelly-bag. As soon as it begins to set, pour a little jelly into the bottom of the mold, add a layer of tongue, then more jelly, until it is full. Set in a cold place to harden. When wanted, dip the mold an instant in hot water, and turn into a garnished dish.

Mrs. W. T. S.

Fricassee Of Chipped Beef

Shred one-half pound of beef. If too salt, freshen by pouring hot water over, to stand for a few moments, drain and dry, then, proceed to add two tablespoonfuls of melted butter in a saucepan. Have the burner turned low (as little heat is required for "warming over" meats). Add two tablespoonfuls of Sperry Flour and blend well through the meat, then add two cups of milk and one-quarter teaspoonful of kitchen bouquet, and let simmer slowly for five minutes. Add yolks of two eggs, slightly beaten, turn off the burner; for heat of mixture will sufficiently cook the egg.

Chicken Souffle

One cup cold chicken ground fine; two eggs; two-thirds cup of sweet milk; two tablespoonfuls butter and same of Sperry Flour; seasoning to taste. Put butter on in saucepan till melted, then add flour. When well blended add the milk, meat and beaten yolks of eggs and seasoning. Cook a few minutes; set aside to cool, and then add stiffly beaten white of eggs. Put in buttered pan and bake half an hour. Serve immediately. Cold veal is almost as nice as chicken.

Mrs. H. Wilson.

Pigs In Blankets

Pick over carefully one dozen large oysters; roll each in a thin slice of bacon, and fasten ends with a skewer. Put in hot pan or chafing-dish and cook till bacon is crisp. Season and serve hot.

Mrs. E. R. Louis.