Charlotte Russe

Line a plain round or oval mold with lady fingers dipped in white of egg. Beat one pint of cream stiff, add three tablespoonfuls sugar, and one teaspoonful of Folger's Golden Gate Vanilla, and the stiffly beaten whites of two eggs. Pour into the lined mold, and stand on ice one hour before serving.

A. E. P.

Scotch Cream

Make a corn starch blanc mange, and separate in four parts; put the white in the bottom of the mold; stir into one part, while warm, one heaping tablespoonful of grated chocolate; pour into the mold on top of the white; color the next part with one-half teaspoonful of damask rose fruit coloring; color the last part with leaf green fruit coloring, and pour all into the mold. Place in a cold place till firm. Slice in squares and serve with whipped cream. Cover the top with powdered sugar.

B. L. B.

Pineapple Ice Cream

One quart of cream; half a cup of milk; one teacupful of sugar; one pineapple. Pare the pineapple, remove the core and eyes and chop fine; sprinkle with sugar, half a cup to one pint of fruit; add juice of one lemon. Add this to the cream when partly frozen.

Ice Cream

To one quart of cream add one tumbler of fruit jam and one tablespoonful of sugar; freeze. If strawberry or raspberry jam is used, after it is thoroughly dissolved in the cream, strain through a wire sieve to take out seeds.

Mrs. G. M. H.

Lemon Ice

Dissolve five cups sugar in the juice of 12 large lemons and 4 oranges; add three quarts of water and freeze. This will make one gallon of ice.

Mrs. E. M. B.

Prune Souffle

Half a pound of prunes; whites of six eggs; 12 tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar; stew the prunes and chop fine. Beat the eggs to a stiff froth; stir in the sugar, and whip in very lightly the prunes. Bake in quick oven five or ten minutes, and serve immediately with cream. Chopped peaches are also very delicious.


Coffee Jelly

Soak one-half box of Cox's gelatine in a cup of cold water. When clear stir it into three cups of boiling coffee, sweeten with three-quarters of a cup of sugar, and strain into a mold. When ready to serve, whip one pint of cream and two table-spoonfuls of sugar, and flavor with Folger's Golden Gate Vanilla. Turn out the jelly on a platter and put the whipped cream around and on top of it.

Mrs. C. I. P.

Fruit Pudding

One cup of chopped suet; one cup of molasses; one cup of raisins; one cup of sweet milk; three cups of Sperry Flour; one teaspoonful of soda; Folger's Golden Gate Spices to taste. Boil four hours in a farina kettle; then put in the oven fifteen minutes, and turn out. Serve with wine sauce.

Mrs. D.


Yolks of six eggs; three-fourths of a cup of sugar; rind and juice of half a lemon; one cup of milk. Bring the milk, sugar, and eggs to the boiling point; let cool; add juice of half a lemon; beat well the whites of six eggs; stir slowly into the prepared custard. Take out three-fourths of a cup of the custard before adding the whites of the eggs; put sugar on the bottom of a pan; add little water; brown the sugar before putting the souffle in; hake in a pan of water fifteen minutes.