Smothered Flank Steak

Lay the meat out smoothly and wipe it dry. Prepare a dressing, using a cupful of fine cracker crumbs, half a teaspoonful of salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, a table-spoonful of butter, one tablespoonful of savory, and enough milk to moisten all into a stiff mixture. Spread it over the meat, roll it up carefully and tie with a string. Place in the oven and roast one hour.

Mrs. F. Elmer Buckman.

Broiled Steak

For broiling, select only the choicest cuts from one inch to one and one-half inches thick; remove bone and surplus fat, trim edges and skewer into shape. Have broiler very hot, grease with bit of suet and place steak close to flame, to sear the surface. Turn, sear other side quickly and reduce flame or lower broiler and cook more slowly. Allow 8 or 10 minutes for steak one inch thick Serve on hot platter, pour over part of fat, season and garnish. If a sauce should be desired use mushroom or maitre d'hotel or a "Club-house" seasoning. Never pierce meat with fork while cooking.

Beef Stew

Two pounds beef (round, cut in small pieces), one-half tablespoonful chopped onion, one-half tablespoonful chopped parsley, one can mushrooms. Fry beef in olive oil or butter till brown; then place in pan with water enough to cover the meat. Add one-half tablespoonful of chopped onion and parsley; simmer for two hours and one-half or until meat is tender. Add the mushrooms and cook fifteen minutes longer. Thicken with browned Sperry Flour and salt to taste.

Mrs. Charlotte Weir.

Stewed Sweet Breads

Remove every particle of skin and fat from two sweetbreads; wash thoroughly and let them lie in cold water one hour to whiten. Then put them into a stew-pan, with enough boiling water to cover them; throw in a teaspoonful of salt, and boil briskly thirty minutes or until done through. Pour off the boiling water, cover with cold and let them stand ten or fifteen minutes. When cold and firm, cut into small square pieces and sprinkle over .with salt, and one tablespoonful of Sperry Flour. Put them into a clean stew-pan, with one tablespoonful of butter; one-half cup of cream; one-half a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, and a light shake of Folger's Golden Gate black pepper. Simmer for ten minutes. Serve hot in a covered dish.

Mrs. Dr. L. L. G.

Corned Beef Hash

Equal quantities of cold corned beef and mashed potatoes, a little chopped parsley, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, and butter. Fry brown, then turn over and brown on other side. If too dry, moisten with a little milk.

A. E. P.

Chicken Croquettes

One tablespoonful butter in saucepan; when melted, add one tablespoonful Sperry Flour; let cook two or three minute?. Add one and one-half cups milk, stirring all the time; when it comes to a boil add Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, salt, a little mace, one tablespoonful chopped parsley and a little minced onion and two cups cold minced chicken. Dip into beaten egg and roll in cracker crumbs. After molding into croquettes, fry in boiling fat.

A. E. P.