Potato Soup

Peel and boil three large potatoes, wash and add one large tablespoonful of butter, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and salt to taste, and one pint of milk; strain and add a little chopped parsley; reheat but do not boil; serve at once.

A. E. P.

Cream Of Corn Soup

Add a pint of water to one can of corn and stew for one hour, strain, add Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and salt, and one pint of milk. Have well mixed one tablespoonful of Sperry Flour and one tablespoonful of butter; add to soup when it comes to a boil.

A. E. P.

Dark Bean Soup

Soak a cupful of dark beans over night. Boil for about two hours or until soft; mash and add one quart of good, well-seasoned stock and strain. When ready to serve, put into tureen one hard-boiled egg chopped fine, two or three thin slices of lemon and one tablespoonful of sherry, then pour in boiling soup.

A. E. P.

Chicken Gumbo

Cut up one half-grown chicken, dip in Sperry Flour and fry; fry about two quarts okra, cut fine in separate skillet; when both are brown, put together in a pot and add two quarts of warm water and four or five ripe tomatoes peeled and sliced; add a small onion, some bay leaves and thyme. Boil slowly from two to six hours, and serve with boiled rice.

T. Hollingsworth.

Crayfish Bisque

Choose forty crayfish and let them have a good boiling, remove from the fire and drain; clean the heads, keep thirty of the shells, and also the remains, which put to boil in a quart of water; peel tails and chop them fine and make a paste with that meat to which add a cupful of soaked bread, a spoonful of fried onions, chopped parsley, salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper to taste, and with this fill the thirty shells and set them aside. Start soup by frying in butter and onion, some Sperry's Flour for thickening, and a half cup each of green onions and parsley chopped fine, a spray of thyme and two bay leaves. When brown, pour in the bouillon made with the remains of the heads, and season with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper; boil slowly for half hour, adding more water if needed. When ready to serve, take each head, roll in Sperry's Flour and fry all in butter until crisp and throw in soup. Boil three or four minutes and serve with thin slices of toasted bread.

T. Hollingsworth.

Mock Turtle Soup

Make stock for soup of any fresh meat or salt pork. In another kettle boil black beans two hours, strain through a colander into the soup, adding Folger's Golden Gate Cloves, summer savory, sweet marjoram, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, and salt. When ready for the table add, after straining a second time, sliced lemon, hard-boiled eggs cut in slices.

Cream Of Asparagus Soup

For two quarts of soup, use two bundles of asparagus. Cut the tops off and cook twenty minute; pour in one pint of cream and one tablespoonful each of butter and Sperry Flour rubbed together. Serve with toasted wafers.