Cut the stems off even with the leaves; remove the hardest bottom leaves, and cut off the top ones straight across, leaving an opening. Take out the inside, or choke. Wash well, and place upside down to drain. Put them into boiling water for half an hour, or until the leaves pull out easily; drain well, and serve on a napkin. They should be cut with a sharp knife into halves or quarters, and served with white, Bechamel, or Hol-landaise sauce. The bottom and the base of the leaves only are eatable.

Artichoke Bottoms

Remove all the leaves and choke. Trim the bottoms into good shape. Boil them in salted water until tender. Serve with Bechamel or Hollandaise sauce. Or cut the leaves close to the bottom, and divide it into quarters. Cook, and serve the same way.

Canned artichoke bottoms can be procured, which are very good.