1 pound or pint boiled halibut. cupful of cream or milk. 1 tablespoonfuls of butter. tablespoonful of flour.

1 teaspoonfuls salt. teaspoonful pepper. teaspoonful onion juice. 2 eggs.

Pound the fish in a mortar until it is thoroughly mashed, then rub it through a puree sieve; season the fish pulp with salt, pepper, and onion juice. Put the butter into a saucepan when melted, add the flour, and cook for a few minutes, then add slowly the cream or milk, stirring constantly until well scalded; then add the fish pulp, take from the fire, add the beaten eggs, and mix thoroughly.

Butter well a border or ring mold holding a pint or little more; put in the mixture, pressing it well against the sides to remove any air bubbles. Cover the mold with a greased paper, and set in a pan of warm water covering one half the mold. Place in moderate oven for thirty minutes, and do not let the water boil. Place the form of fish on a hot dish, fill the center with boiled potato balls (see page 203), pour over the potato balls some Bechamel or some white sauce, sprinkle chopped parsley over the top. Serve with the fish a generous amount of Bechamel or of white sauce. This is a very good dish.