These ices are served in glasses after the joint or last entree, and before the game. A quart is enough for twelve portions.


Punches differ from sherbets only in having a little Italian meringue added to them just before serving. They are simply water-ices with liquors added. Roman Punch has a cupful or two gills of rum added to a quart of lemon-ice. Punches having other names are made in the same way, but have other liquors or mixtures of liquors. These may be kirsch, kirsch and rum, kirsch and maraschino, rum and sherry, or any other combination desired. When champagne is used it is generally added to orange-ice.

Strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, or orange-ices are generally used for sherbets with liqueurs such as curacao, maraschino, noyau, etc., combined with kirsch, rum, or champagne.

Mixing In The Liquors

The liquors can be added to the ice mixture before it is frozen, in which case it takes them longer to freeze; (in fact, spirits will not freeze at all, and hence these ices are always soft, and have to be eaten with a spoon); or the liquors may be poured over the frozen mixture and stirred in with the paddle. Sometimes the water-ice is placed in the glasses and a teaspoonful of the liquor or mixture of liquors is poured over each glassful at the moment of serving.

Coffee Punch

Mix together a quart of black coffee, a cupful of cream, three quarters cupful of sugar; freeze, and then mix in a half cupful of brandy or rum, and a half pint of cream, whipped, and let it stand half an hour. Stir it well before serving.

Cafe Frappe

Mix a quart of black coffee with a quart of cream and a cupful of sugar, or, better, sweeten with syrup. Freeze the same as ice-cream, and serve in glasses. A little brandy may be mixed in just before serving, if desired.

Lalla Rookh

Make a vanilla cream No. 3. When it is frozen of Jamaica rum. Turn the dasher until it is well.

Allow a cupful of rum to each quart of cr glasses the same as punch.