Barbadoes Cream

Take the zests of three fine cedrats, two drachms of cinnamon, and two of mace, and put them into three quarts of brandy; close the vessel hermetically, and let it infuse for a week, then distil it in an alembic. Dissolve over the fire three pounds of sugar in a quart of pure river water, add to it half a pound of orange-tlower water, work the mixture, and filter it through a straining bag into bottles for use.

Barbadoes Water

Take the outer rind of eight large florenline citrons, half an ounce of bruised cinnamon, and a gallon of rectified spirit; distil in the bain marie; dissolve two pounds of sugar in a quart of water; mix it with the distilled liquor; filter and bottle it for use.

Barbadoes Water Amber-Colored

Infuse the yellow rind of six bergamots, half an ounce of cinnamon, and two drachms of cloves bruised, for six days in a gallon of rectified spirit; then add a drachm of saffron, and let the whole stand six days longer. Dissolve two pounds of sugar in a quart of water, add it to the infusion, and filter for use.