Barberry Conserve

Put a pound of ripe barberries and half an ounce of powdered fennel seed into a silver vessel, with a glass of water; boil them three or four times, and press the juice through a sieve. Replace the vessel on the fire with the juice, and add to it a pound and a half of sugar, boiled au casse. Boil together a few times, and then pour the conserve into cases.

Barberries To Pickle

Boil the bruised berries of a few bunches in salt-and-water; strain, and put a gill of the liquor to a quart of vinegar, with an ounce of salt, a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar, a quarter of an ounce of pounded ginger, and a little sliced horse-radish; boil and strain it, then pour it hot over the barberries, the finest bunches having been previously selected and placed in jars; when cold, cover them closely with bladder. They may also be kept in a jar, with a strong brine of salt-and-water poured over them. When any scum is observed upon the surface, the brine must be poured off, and some fresh added. They are kept closely covered.