Burnt Butter

Put two ounces of fresh butter into a small frying-pan; when it becomes a dark brown color, add to it a table-spoonful and a half of good vinegar, and a little pepper and salt. Observations: This is used as sauce for boiled fish or poached eggs.

Clarified Butter

Put the butter in a nice, clean stewpan, over a very clear, slow fire; watch it, and when it is melted, carefully skim off the buttermilk, etc. which will swim on the top; let it stand a minute or two for the impurities to sink to the bottom; then pour the clear butter through a sieve into a clean basin, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the stewpan. Observations: Butter thus purified will be as sweet as marrow, a very useful covering for otted meats, etc. and for frying fish equal to the finest Florence oil; for which purpose it is commonly used by Catholics, and those whose religious tenets will not allow them to eat viands fried in animal oil.

Oiled Butter

Put two ounces of fresh butter into a saucepan; set it at a distance from the fire, so that it may melt gradually, till it comes to an oil; and pour it off quietly from the dregs. Observations: This will supply the place of olive oil; and by some is preferred to it either for salads or frying.