Make a stiff paste, with a little melted butter, a spoonful or two of water, some rasped lemon-peel, an egg, a quarter of a pound of flour, and half that quantity of sugar; roll it very thin; make a little cane of card-paper, butter it well on the outside, and wrap it in some of the paste; bake it a few minutes; take out the card, and fill the paste with currant jelly, or any other jelly or sweetmeat you please.

Cannellons Meringues

Whip the whites of two eggs, and having mixed them with two spoonfuls of powder-sugar, then mask the cannellons; when baked, crush a quarter of a pound of fine sugar, and roll the cannellons in it; replace them a few minutes in the oven, and then finish. The masking of these cannellons may he varied according to taste, with pistachios, dried currants, etc. the former cut in pieces, the latter well washed, dried and mixed with an equal quantity of sugar.