Chickens Creme (1)

Parboil a couple of young chickens, cut them in pieces, and throw into warm water for half an hour; then do them over the fire in a little fresh butter, with salt, parsley, pepper, morels, etc. sprinkle with flour, and dilute with a glass of boiling water; cover the stewpan close, and let it stand on hot ashes until the water has soaked into the chicken, then add half a pint of cream and a little butter. The yolks of three eggs may be put in also, but in that case, a small quantity of verjuice should be put in before the cream.

Chickens Creme (2)

Stuff and roast your chickens, and when you take them from the spit, rub them with butter, cover them with bread-crumbs, wrap them in slices of bacon, and bake them a short time; serve with well thickened cream-sauce.