Is rich, nutritious, and soothing, saponaceous, and cleansing; from which quality it often helps digestion, and excites the appetite. It is only proper for some of the leaner and stronger sort of phlegmatic constitutions, and some old people who are healthy, and accustomed to bodily exercise.

According as you wish to make this beverage, either with milk or water, put a cup of one or other of these liquids into a chocolate-pot, with one ounce of cake chocolate. Some persons dissolve the chocolate in a little water before they put it into the milk. As soon as the milk or water begins to boil, mill it. When the chocolate is dissolved, and begins to bubble, take it off the fire, letting it stand near it for a quarter of an hour; then mill it again to make it frothy; afterwards serve it out in cups. The chocolate must not be milled, unless it is prepared with cream.

Chocolate Frothed Or Whipped

Put half a pound of chocolate to a glass of water over a small fire, stirring it with a wooden spoon until perfectly dissolved; then take it oft' and add six yolks of eggs, a pint of double cream, and three quarters of a pound of powder-sugar. Pour the whole into a pan, and when cold, whip it up as directed. See Cream Frothed.