Elder Flower Fritters

They are made whilst the elder flowers are in bloom; and they should marinate three or four hours in brandy, sugar, orange-flower water, and lemon-peel; when drained, dip them in a good thick batter to fry, and serve with rasped sugar, as in general.

Elder Rob

Gather the elderberries when quite ripe, put them into a stone jar, tie a bladder or paper over the top, and place the jar in a pan of water; let it boil till the berries are very soft; strain them through a coarse cloth, and to every pint of juice allow half a pound of good brown sugar; put it into a preserving-pan, stir it, and when it boils, take off the scum, and let it boil for one hour.

Elder Vinegar

Choose the elder-flowers when just blown, take away all the stalks, and when the flowers are about half dry, put them into a jar, and fill the jar with vinegar, close it tight, and let it stand in the sun for twenty days; then draw it off, press the flowers, and having filtered the whole, bottle it; take care to keep the bottles closely corked.