Take off all the outer leaves of your endive, and having opened the hearts, put them into cold water to wash them. In the meanwhile heat a kettle of water, put in it a handful of salt, then throw in the endive; keep it constantly under the water, to prevent their turning black. As soon as the endive is tender, drain, and then put it into cold water, and when quite cold, drain it again; press the water out with your hands; then chop it small, and put it into a saucepan, with some butter, salt, and pepper, stir it well, and then add five spoonfuls of veloute, the same of consommes reduce it till pretty thick, and then put it in a dish, with fried bread round it. Endive may also be dressed with cream, in which case, put two spoonfuls of flour into it, and moisten it with cream.

Endive In Gravy Of Veal

Wash and clean thoroughly ten or twelve heads of fine endive, take off the outer leaves, and blanch the heads in hot water; throw them into cold water, and then squeeze them as dry as possible. Stew them in as much gravy as will cover them; add a tea-spoonful of pounded sugar, and a little salt. When perfectly tender, put in a little veloute sauce, and serve quite hot.